Ottawa Fury FC kick off training camp

Ottawa Fury FC kick off training camp

PHOTO: Steve Kingsman/Freestyle Photography for Ottawa Fury FC

Earlier today, Ottawa Fury FC players descended upon
Complexe Branchaud-Brière in Gatineau, Quebec, to begin training camp for the USL Pro 2019 season.

To mark the occasion, longest-serving Fury player Carl Haworth joined TSN 1200’s ‘Corner Kicks’ to discuss training camp as well as the upcoming season (link here).

Per AJ Jakubec of TSN 1200, Fury FC opened camp today with 15 signed roster players. Maxim Tissot, the 16th player, is still rehabbing an ACL injury that only allowed him to play four games last season. AJ also mentioned that seven midfielder and seven defensive back trialists appeared at day one of camp as well.

AJ noted that Fury FC currently only have one striker, Christiano Francois, signed to the roster, and that Kevin Oliviera started the first day of camp playing up top. He also hinted that reinforcements are likely on the way in the form of loaned players from both Toronto FC and Montreal Impact, some expected but much-needed news.

Some other important news that came out of ‘Corner Kicks’:

Carl Haworth is starting the season at right back, taking Eddie Edward’s job, who recently announced his retirement and new career with OSEG. I’d like to take some space here to recognize Eddie’s leadership and passion for the game both on and off the pitch. He is without a doubt a hometown favourite, and the fact that he’s remaining with OSEG in some capacity is a statement to the culture the club is trying to grow. I’d highly recommend listening to Graeme Ivory’s tribute to Eddie on this week’s ‘Corner Kicks.’ Eddie Eddie Eddie!

American defender Dakota Barnathan was recently signed by the club, as was playmaking German midfielder Wal Fall (pronounced Vahl Fall). Barnathan played for Head Coach Nikola Popovic for Swope Park Rangers in 2017, so you have to believe there is a lot of trust established between the two for him to sign with Ottawa.

As for the trialists, Graeme Ivory mentioned that several of them suited up for the club at the Cap City Cup vs Montreal Impact last season. I personally don’t remember any of them, but it would be pretty cool to see any of them sign and get meaningful minutes with the club. He did mention GK Quinlan Roberts, who I at least remember being a depth GK for TFC on FIFA 18!

AJ Jakubec interviewed Wal Fall, and here are some of the things he had to say.

  • He’s excited to play in Ottawa! He feels like he brings the playmaking ability and mentality to help the team go deep in the playoffs.
  • He’s going to bring 100% effort every game.
  • He’s excited for the Florida weather that training camp will bring!

Graeme thinks that Wal Fall and Charlie Ward together can at least nearly replicate the style of play the Richie Ryan brought in Fury FC’s ‘glory days.’

Onto the interview with Carl Haworth! Some key notes:

  • Haworth is the only Fury OG left on the roster.
  • Carl praises Eddie Edward’s leadership and is excited he’s remaining with OSEG. Isn’t it something, when an organization can keep beloved figures in the fold, on good terms?
  • Carl is excited to play right back this year, and joked around that his Dad always told him he should be a right back, so things have come full circle in his career. Love when players come in with this kind of attitude!
  • Carl thinks that Head Coach Nikola Popovic will be able to have more of an impact inserting his philosophy into this season’s club. Unlike last season, he was able to bring in a number of players that fit his possession-style game.


Nikola Popovic interview:

Carl Haworth interview:

Interview with Wal Fall:

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