Ottawa Fury FC Training Camp Update: Lance Rozeboom named 3rd captain in club history + more!

Ottawa Fury FC Training Camp Update: Lance Rozeboom named 3rd captain in club history + more!

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Good evening!

Tomorrow, your Ottawa Fury FC play the Ottawa Internationals in a preseason game, 8pm at the University of Ottawa. The game is now closed to the public, so if you were planning on attending, you may want to change your plans. Hot tip: it’s going to get warm this weekend, so tomorrow might be one of your last chances to hit the Rideau Canal. Don’t blame me if you miss out!

The big news of the day is that GM/Coach (can we just call him a manager? It makes so much more sense.) Paul Dalglish named Lance Rozeboom the 3rd captain in the history of Ottawa Fury FC as a professional club.

This is the 2nd year that the 27-year old Rozeboom laces up his boots in Fury FC colours, leading the injury-plagued club in minutes played last year with 2,711 and was captain of the Dalglish-managed Austin Aztex in 2015 (courtesy of the Ottawa Citizen–who barely cover the team), and an 87% pass completion rate, according to the official Fury FC release linked just below.

From Ottawa Fury FC’s webpage:

From Dalglish: “Lance is a fantastic leader and he epitomizes everything we want from the captain of our club,” said Dalglish. “I know he can do the job because he was my captain in Austin. When I had conversations with my staff, the players and members of the organization his name kept coming up. He’s not just the captain I want, but who his teammates want.”

From Rozeboom: “It’s an honour and I’m very humbled by it,” said Rozeboom “I appreciate everything that this organization has done for me, it’s truly a first-class club, from the top down. I’m very thankful to Paul and I think he’s leading this club in the right direction. We have a great group of guys and leaders here so it’s not just about me – we’re all in this together.”

  • In a recurring theme, Antony Casimiro of La Revue de Gatineau brings the most consistent Ottawa Fury coverage, with an extended article about Lance Rozeboom with the headline: “Captain Optimism.” Essentially, Rozeboom was a highly touted prospect out of NCAA, but a freak left knee injury jeopardized his opportunity to play for DC United of the MLS when he was drafted by the club in 2012. He was released by the club in 2013, having never played an MLS game.
    • He’s moved on from that disappointment, and found strength in adversity. Rozeboom says that he met his wife when he was injured, and counts himself blessed that circumstance brought them together. As Antony points out, he’s a defensive midfielder who is very versatile, having played a number of roles under his old manager last season.
    • Here’s a fun exercise; Antony got a quote from Lance and translated it to French, and here I am, the imperfect bilingual Ottowan, translating poorly:
      • re: being named captain of Ottawa Fury FC: “I consider myself lucky. Yes, I want to play at a higher level, but growing here with Paul (Dalglish) who I respect enormously, is something that I appreciate a lot. And between my family and my career, I’m choosing my family above all else.” –Lance Rozeboom (paraphrased)
    • Again, according to Antony, Rozeboom proved his versatility last season, at various points playing central midfield, defensive midfield, and right back.
    • Rozeboom jokes about his humble Iowa roots, especially for a soccer player! True, Lance, true.

How about fan/pundit reaction to naming Rozeboom captain?

And from Lance’s brother!

Other Preseason news/highlights:

  • Fury Defensive Back Jamar Dixon got Twitter. Follow him at:
  • Here’s your new #WednesdayWithWilliams AKA Ryan Williams, who has quickly endeared himself as my favourite player after his strong finish last season, and great humour:

  • A very brief interview with Lance Rozeboom after being named club captain:

  • Eddie Edward scored an awesome goal to end 6v6 preseason scrimmages yesterday:

Update: Transcription of key parts of Lance Rozeboom’s Feb 16. interview on In the Box on TSN 1200. You can listen to it here:

On being named team captain, Rozeboom:

It’s an honour. It’s humbling and it’s an honour. I have such a high regard for this organization from top to bottom and I have so much respect for Paul (Dalglish) and the coaching staff–I’m so appreciative for what the organization and  and what he [Dalglish] has done for me and my family, and it’s an honour, but you know,  we have such a good group of guys, high character guys, and a lot of other leaders on the team as well, so we’re really looking forward to the year. And  we think it’s going to be a good year.” –Lance Rozeboom, Feb. 16, 2017

On how the captaincy changes his leadership:

“Honestly, it doesn’t change that much. I knew coming into the season that there were a few of us who were going to have a higher role in leading the team and I think it’s just really about  bringing the guys together and guys like Carl Haworth that’s back and Williams that’s back, a few other guys who are back, and I think it’s just trying to set the tone for the team, bring the team together and and set the tone for the season right away.”

On being the buffer between Dalglish and the Squad:

“You’re right, that’s part of the captain’s role. You’re obviously a captain for your players but you also have to have a good relationship with the coach[…]Paul and I have a good relationship; there’s a mutual respect there, and so  we’re able to talk things out, even when we may disagree on some things, we’re able to talk things out. That’s such an important relationship, that a coach and a captain has, so that is a very positive thing we have.”

On translating the coach’s intentions to the squad:

“If he’s coming down on us[…]at the end of the day, he’s doing it for the benefit of the team. He wants us to be the best that we can be can, and sometimes if we’re having an off day we need to hear it, and we need to have the hammer laid down. Sometimes,  maybe we thought that we played well and lost, and he needs to coddle us a little more, he’ll coddle us, but he knows what he’s doing and it’s my job to have that relationship with the guys that I can tell them ‘hey, it’s okay,’ pick them up, and at times it can be the other way around–where the captain has to lay into the team a little bit. So it’s a healthy balance there, and I think  that it’s great that Paul and I have a good relationship.”

On camp so far and looking forward to Florida spring training camp:

“Camp has been really good so far. We’re only a week and a half in, but training has been very, very intense. It’s a really good group of guys we have here. We really believe that we have something special, so it’s a positive first couple of weeks…based on character, it’s been really positive. Florida–we leave on Sunday–we’re excited to get out of the cold a little bit I think, there’s been a lot of snow lately in Ottawa so we’re excited to get in the sun, and we have three games down there against St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Cincinnati, so those will be good tests for us. It will be a tough week, but we’re really looking forward to getting down there.”

On whether Rozeboom sees this year’s squad is a more “Dalglish-style” team after a season of transition:

“I definitely do. I think that the 1st year it was such an awkward thing because they had such a successful season then year prior to [Dalglish] getting there with the championship and all that–he kind of wanted to incorporate a different style of play, so it was one of those awkward things where a lot of guys left because they were bought out for big money, and so he kind of had to get the lay of the land and a feel for it, and by the end of the season we started to play–maybe we didn’t get the results we  wanted–but at the end of the season, we  started to see the style of play that he wanted to incorporate start to unfold. And this year he was able to recruit  and sign players that he thinks would fill some of the weaknesses that we had last year. I think [Dalglish] has done a great job with that, I really do. I think he’s done a fantastic job–the staff, Julian, Bruce and Jed have all done a really great job bringing in the  players that they brought in. And like I said, we really believe that this is going to be a good season.”


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